Baby Care Bag from A to Z

Baby Care Bag Must-Haves

Although the bag is used as an accessory when going out before becoming a mother, things change a little more when you step into motherhood. Because one of the biggest helpers of parents is a detailed baby care bag. If the baby is small, the number of items you need to take with you increases even more. Therefore, the bag we choose should be both comfortable and functional. Baby care bags, which should be with us at all times until the age of 2, can actually be used until the age of 6, which is the first childhood period. The baby care bag is a practical helper that allows you to carry your baby's belongings with you at all times. It is important to collect your baby's food products, clothing and textile products, all care products and auxiliary accessories in a bag. Keeping all the necessities together and choosing a bag that is not difficult to carry provides ease of use for parents.

What Should Be In The Baby Bag When Going To Birth?

Towards the end of pregnancy, it takes our mothers in a rush with joy. All the needs of both the baby and the mother are tried to be fulfilled completely. A bag should be prepared to meet all the needs of the mother during her stay in the hospital. Depending on how the delivery will take place, it is necessary to prepare a bag with a backup, considering that the baby and the mother will stay for at least 1 day and maximum 3 days. The availability of all the materials needed in the hospital will provide comfort for the mother and the baby. It is very important that the bag that needs to be prepared for the birth is complete and in an easily accessible place.

Things to Have for Baby in the Birth Bag

The baby's bag and the materials to be put should be prepared according to the length of stay in the hospital. What should be in the birth bag when going to the birth;

  • Diapers and wet wipes; You often change your baby's diaper during the day. Naturally, diapers and care products are among the most needed products.
  • Diaper rash cream ; You never know when and where to change your baby
  • Muslin cover; Our most helpful product in changing diapers in terms of baby's hygiene is muslin cover.
  • Spare Clothing; It is very possible for babies, especially newborn babies, to change clothes frequently for various reasons. It is useful to have more than one spare clothes for reasons such as sweating, cold, vomiting.
  • Formula; Especially outside, in environments where we cannot breastfeed, it should be in our bag as our food savior. Baby Care Bag Hazel
  • baby bottles; If the baby is breastfeeding and you are outside, the appropriate environment may not be available. Therefore, it is important to have breastfeeding products in the baby care bag.
  • Blanket; Every baby has an iconic blanket. A blanket instead of thick clothes can be the savior of both you and the baby, especially during the seasonal transitions.
  • What to Have in the Maternity Bag for the Mother

    Basic needs are very important for the mother. Preparing separate bags for the mother and baby can provide ease of use.

    • hospital papers
    • Nightgown and pajama set; The comfort of the mother is as important as the comfort of the baby. Whichever is easier for the mother to wear should be preferred.
    • Underwear and Pad; Since it is not possible to wash in a hospital environment, it would be useful to buy plenty of spare laundry.
    • Nipple cream, breast pad; In order to make the mother's work easier and to feel better, products that will help the baby to suck should be in the bag.
    • Toothbrush and toothpaste; Since it is not known how many days you will stay in the hospital depending on the birth, our personal care products should also be in the bag.
    • Comfortable clothes or sweatpants; The use of comfortable clothes is important for the mother in terms of comfort when it is time for postpartum discharge.

    0-2 Years Old Baby Bags

    After becoming a mother, everything becomes two people. Baby's comfort is more important at every step. The time up to the age of 2 is an important process for the baby. Considering that toilet training is gradually passed, it covers an important part of our spare diapers and clothes bag. Laura Nursing Bag. In this period, we can list the things that should be in the mother's baby care bag as follows;

    • Pacifier; The biggest helper in falling asleep or in moments of restlessness… 😊
    • Diaper; Among the most basic needs, it is the only thing that should be kept in our baby bag in abundance. 😊
    • Supplementary Food; Considering that it is not possible for us to breastfeed all the time and everywhere, it should be included in our bag for the ages when there is a transition to supplementary food.
    • Spare Clothing; No matter what your baby's age is, spare clothes should definitely be in the bag for mom and baby.
    • Bottle; Meeting water needs is very important. Sometimes the baby's distraction and sometimes meeting his needs are among the products that should always be in the bottle bag.

    3-4 Years Old Baby Bag Preparation

    In this period, since your baby has completed his toilet training and entered an active period, a spare of everything should be kept in the mother-baby bag.

    • spare clothing; Spare clothes should definitely be available for these ages when movements increase.
    • Favorite toys; In this age group, where interests are gradually determined, it is sometimes very important for the comfort of the mother to have the toys she likes. 😊
    • Prepared food and its own cutlery, spoon and plate; It is among the important materials that should be in the bag for both more hygienic and regular eating habits of the child.
    • Wet wipes

    What Happens in the 5-6 Years Old Mother's Bag?

    Since 5-6 years old is the age range that evolves from infancy to being a child, the needs will continue to vary. We can list the things that should be in the mother's essential bag as follows;

    • spare clothes
    • Underwear
    • Sock
    • Cleaning wipe/napkin
    • Healthy snacks (nuts, fruit)
    • This . Please visit the link.

    What Should Be in the Baby Hospital Bag?

    Since the baby will be taken to the hospital control at certain periods after the birth or if the baby is sick, all the necessities should be in the mother's baby bag. We can list the necessary materials for the newborn baby as follows;

    • spare clothes
    • Pacifier
    • Bottle
    • Diaper
    • Muslin
    • seasonal blanket
    • Wet wipes and diaper cream

    Stylish and High Quality Baby Care Bag Models

    As a product that will meet both our style and all needs, the Marie Claire Bags brand has colorful and detailed baby care bags.

    Although it may seem difficult to collect all the materials that mothers may need for their babies in a bag; The Marie Claire Bags brand has already solved this problem! The brand has paid particular attention to the width of the interior volume, the orderliness and the easy accessibility of everything in all baby care bags. In particular, thermo pockets with hot/cold protection, which he adapted to some models, were used. In this way, baby food can be preserved at the desired temperature for certain periods of time.

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