Marie Claire Gift Card

Marie Claire Gift Card

If you find it difficult or hesitant to make a choice while buying a gift, you can leave the choice to him. Or, if you want to meet your employees with Marie Claire elegance and make a gesture to them, you can contact our corporate application department.

GIFT CARD Features and Terms of Use

  • Marie Claire Gift Card is valid for all product groups, all discounts and campaigns on the online shopping site.
  • Gift cards have no expiration/restrictions.
  • The loaded balance can be used piecemeal for more than one purchase.
  • The remaining balance for purchases above the loaded amount can be made with other payment types.
  • When the balance runs out, it cannot be reloaded, but a new Gift Card can be ordered.
  • Gift Card is issued to the bearer. It cannot be tracked, canceled or returned when lost.
  • Gift Card amount includes VAT. It cannot be converted into cash in whole or in part.
  • You can gift the gift card you ordered to someone you care about under all the above conditions. The person you will gift can shop at any time with a Gift Card from the Marie Claire online shopping site.
  • Upon your request, Marie Claire electronically sends the gift card or cards you will order to people you care about or your employees. For detailed information about corporate sales, please contact our call center.

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