How to Combine a Trench Coat?

When and How to Wear a Trench Coat?

If there is a product that every woman who never goes out of fashion has or should have in her wardrobe, it is the trench coat. The trench coat, which we often use especially during the season transitions, can be the most beautiful piece that completes our combination. When worn timeless and in accordance with seasonal conditions; We can say that it adds a masculine, powerful and more dynamic atmosphere to our combinations.

What is a trench coat?

Trench coats, designed to protect against bad weather conditions, were first used as military clothing. After the World Wars, with the Hollywood stars wearing trench coats, they became indispensable in the fashion world. Today, trench coats, which are mostly preferred by women, are preferred in Autumn / Winter seasons. While providing protection from wind and rain, it also stands out with its elegance.

How to Combine a Trench Coat?

If you know your body type, trench coat combination is very easy due to the variety of fabrics. If you have a petite build, wide-collared trench coats can be preferred. Since it is a functional piece, it is very easy to combine it with different options such as skirts, jeans, dresses and overalls. We even see combinations with evening dresses lately. 😊

Trench Coat Combinations by Color and Pattern

Trench coats create a timeless and effortless elegance in almost every season. With its variety, there are trench coats suitable for every style.

A black trench coat is an essential part of your wardrobe. Although generally windy and rainy weather is preferred; It is the type that can complement all your combinations for your office style.

A white trench coat, on the other hand, is among the preferred ones, although its usage area is narrow, as it will create a stylish integrity when completed with accessories, for example, a stylish bag .

Gray trench coats create a cool style with sports combinations, while navy blue trench coats create a very stylish look with jeans, sneakers and a light-colored Serena Postman Bag .

Since trench coats in beige and brown tones are a classic color, we generally prefer them in autumn/spring. Due to the variety of models and colors, women have a wide range of options for all body types, heights and skin colours.

Trench Coat Combinations by Fabric

Trench coats, one of the indispensable parts of women's and men's fashion, are among the most popular pieces that are generally used seasonally. The trench coat, which is suitable for day and night use, can be a favorite not only in autumn but also in every season due to its variety of fabrics. 😊 While a suede trench coat is preferred in winter months, you can protect yourself from the harsh winds of winter with winter accessories such as scarves and berets. Choosing a leather trench coat is among the most suitable pieces for rainy weather. The leather trench coat, which is preferred so that the harsh wind of winter does not leave us vulnerable, can protect us from weather conditions. The choice of a nubuck trench coat may be suitable for rainless weather. The trench coat chosen from nubuck fabric, which creates a noble image, can make you look cooler. 😊 You can make your combination more useful and stylish with various bags .

When to Wear a Trench Coat?

In which seasons are trench coats worn? Although the answer to this question is known as the Autumn season that comes to mind first, it actually varies according to the fabric of the trench coat.

While a trench coat with a nubuck lining on the outside can be worn in windy weather without rain, a trench coat made of leather outside can be preferred in rainy weather, although it does not keep it very warm. As everyone knows, seasonal trench coats are generally preferred in autumn and spring. Trench coats, which have a unique style, can be worn in winter when worn with boots, and in spring when preferred with sneakers. Trench coats, which are a timeless piece, are one of the easiest pieces to combine as they are compatible with all types of clothing. Of course, it is a very suitable outerwear product for the intermediate seasons, as it is not possible to wear it in the scorching heat of summer and snowfall in winter.

How to Wear a Trench Coat with Pants?

The trench coat, which is one of the outerwear products, is one of the main items that every woman should have in her closet. So, with which parts would it be better to wear the trench coat? If we are looking for effortless and effortless elegance, combining it with tight jeans and an oversized T-shirt and a large sports bag will of course be the right decision. Of course, it's not over…😊 A trench coat that you can combine with cigarette pants, a chiffon blouse and stiletto shoes to create office elegance can make you the coolest woman in the office. 😊

While an oversized trench coat with a lot of variety makes you look sportier; A medium-sized, appropriately colored trench coat will adapt to your combination and provide you with daily comfort in order to achieve daily elegance.

How to Wear a Trench Coat with a Skirt?

If you are someone who wears skirts very often in daily life, a trench coat will be the perfect option for you on cold and windy days. Whether you prefer a mini or pencil skirt, the trench coat you will wear will make you look pretty cool. If you prefer with a skirt, you will need to pay attention to the length of your skirt. Otherwise, a skirt longer than a trench coat can make you look badly proportioned.

Shoe Match With Trench Coat

After getting the trench coat that suits your body best, it's time to combine it correctly. One of the most important complements of combinations is shoes. If you want to make a sporty-elegant combination, you can combine jeans with a pointed toe stiletto and a trench coat. If you prefer a more casual sporty combination, you can achieve the perfect match with white sneakers. 😊 With the variety of trench coats, all alternatives are suitable for use, from sports combination to night combination.

Which Bag to Wear with a Trench Coat?

One of the endless needs of women is a bag. We definitely have bags of every color, suitable for every combination. Due to the variety of trench coats, there are options suitable for every style and style. You can combine it with backpacks for women who do not want to compromise on their elegance and who are also fond of comfort, and for those who spend time outside from day to night, you can find the harmony of a small messenger bag with a trench coat. The season when trench coat suits best is Autumn; You can have a more free and strong appearance with every shade of coffee. 😊 For those who want to crown your combination with a bag, you can catch the elegance with a wide range of color and model options...

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