Things to Consider for Long-Term Use of Bags

How can we use the bags for a long life?

The most indispensable accessory of women is undoubtedly bags.

Although the bag may seem easy to maintain, its life can be shortened if it is not used correctly and carefully. It is very important to use and store the bags correctly in order to prolong the life of the bags we love. Regular cleaning is necessary to maintain the appearance of all bags. Although the bags vary according to their fabrics, leather bags;

-It should be wiped with a slightly damp cloth with small circular movements.

-Chemical materials such as alcohol, cologne, thinner, detergent should never be contacted.

- It should not be washed by hand or thrown into the washing machine.

- It should not be exposed to direct sunlight or heat.

If you want to extend the life of your bags, it is useful to comply with the above items, if possible.

Use Makeup Bag for Your Cosmetics

As women, one of our indispensable items is undoubtedly make-up materials. We always carry a few pieces of make-up in our bag at weddings, invitations, in the office. We do not want foundation or powder to spill into the bags that we love to use. For this, the use of a make-up bag is very important. While saving us from unwanted accidents, it also provides ease of transportation. Cleaning of cream and beige bags is especially important. Spilled chemical liquids may cause permanent damage to the skin.

Protect From The Sun To Prevent Your Bag From Fading

The other thing we need to pay attention to for leather bags is that the bag is not exposed to direct sunlight. When leather bags are exposed to scorching sun rays and heat for a long time, deformations and discoloration will occur in the bag.

Use the Bag Dust Bag to Store Your Bag

Another way to store bags is to store them in dust bags. The bag dust bag protects the bag from both the sun's rays and the occasional moisture. The most efficient way to preserve the form of the bags is to fill them with colorless papers and store them.

If you don't have a space problem, the best way to store the bags is to stack them side by side with dust bags filled with paper.

Use Bag Liner

With the development of technology, textile and accessory fields are also diversifying. In addition to appealing to tastes in the changing and developing fashion world, durability and long-lasting use are among the important elements. The quality of the bag is determined by the leather used and the inner lining. The use of inner lining in bags is very important. The structure and size of the bag should be acted upon, and it should not be loaded by placing more items than its capacity. Cutting tools should not be placed, it protects both the inside and the form of the bag. The inner lining of the bags also reveals the quality of the bag.

Beware of Coins and Cards

If we want our bags to be long-lasting, one of the issues we should pay attention to is the materials that can be cut into the bag, such as coins, key chains or cards. It is one of the things we should pay attention to in order to prevent them and to use the bag more healthily.

Use Healthy and Quality Bags

The quality of the bag and the material used are as important as the importance of bag care. We women, perhaps, spend the most budget on bag accessories. Marie Claire Bags, which has a wide range to meet all the needs that will save you from the mess, is always with you. If you want to be the most stylish of the night or the day, choose your bag, which is the most important complement of your outfit, from Marie Claire Bags without wasting time! Being a shining star that suits you best...

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