How to Combine Which Color Bag?
One of the most important parts of our combinations are bags. So how should we make bag combinations? Which color bag should we use for which outfit? Bag is an important accessory to make our combinations more striking.

How to combine a white bag

How to Combine the White Bag?

One of the indispensable colors of summer months is white. When combining the white bag , the model of the bag, the chain details or the materials used should be in harmony with our combinations. The white bag is one of the accessories frequently used in the spring/summer months. When we combine the white bag with white tones, it provides a rich look, while when we combine it with black, we can get a formal look. White bags provide integrity in combinations with their stylish stance.

How to Combine the Gray Bag?

Since gray is an intermediate color, it harmonizes with most colors. Gray color, which is frequently used in our daily lives; When combined with colorful accessories, it provides a very stylish look. Since gray is an intermediate color, it is more in harmony with pastel tones. For example; A gray bag with powder pink and cream tones can provide us with holistic elegance.
It is possible to create wonderful combinations with the gray color, which has a saving feature. Especially gray bags are among the indispensable accessories of recent times. Marie Claire Bags brand offers us a wide range of color options . You can examine bags that appeal to all ages and all styles.

How to Combine a Black Bag?

Undoubtedly, black color is the savior of all women. We women usually always use black to camouflage our excess weight. We also consider black as a symbol of elegance. Since black is the main color, it is easier to combine it with all colors. In general, one of every fashion-related piece of us women is black. An important measure of making the right decision when choosing a bag is choosing our body type. Usually our bag accessories are black to match all colors. One of the important factors that we should pay attention to is that if there is no black color in our clothes, it should be compatible with our accessories or shoes. If our hair color is black, a clutch bag will be enough even if we don't have any black on us. You can examine dozens of products of the Marie Claire Bags brand to catch daily elegance. Be sure to check out the indispensable black Carmen bag :)

How to Combine a Brown Bag?

Brown, which is the color of the earth in nature, represents calmness and serenity. The best color that the earth tone suits best is the beige color it contains. This color is indispensable not only for women but also for men. It is frequently used in accessories such as shoes, belts, wallets. For women, brown is among the most popular colors in autumn and winter, as bags are the most indispensable accessory. For example; You can take a look at the bags of the Marie Claire brand that appeal to all ages and styles. Regardless of the style, we can combine a white t-shirt and jeans with a brown bag to get a cool look.

How to Combine the Red Bag?

Indisputably, the most vital, the most energetic, emphasizing power and symbol of love is red. It is a color that reflects the charm of women. Our combination with a color that combines black, parliamentary blue, and white will always take us one step ahead. Since red is a life-giving color, we can support our combination with accessories instead of making it all red. Bag, scarf or a red lipstick will lead us to holistic elegance. The use of bags, especially among accessories, is quite common. And make sure you use the right bag with the right combination and you will be the star of the day. 😊 
We have made a selection for you among dozens of products of the Marie Claire brand that are suitable for all seasons. If you wish, you can complete your combinations with a denim mini dress or with a white jean.

How to Combine the Blue Bag?

Blue is one of the main colors that give calm, light and peace. Especially the light tones of blue, the tone we call baby blue, is among the indispensables of the summer months. We especially prefer it in dresses and blouses. Sometimes we can make a more masculine or feminine combination with colors such as fuchsia yellow or red by using tonal overtones.

How to Combine the Green Bag?

Since green is the color of nature, it symbolizes peace, security, vitality and innovation. Since there are so many shades of green, the tone we will use is very important. Since it is a combination of yellow and blue tones, we can combine it with vibrant colors or complete it with a combination suitable for the materials used with blacks and dark or emerald green. We can combine water green with white and make a combination that evokes spring. If you say that you do not like many colors, you can get beautiful combinations with khaki green. Sometimes we can supplement our combinations with accessories. We say take a look for sporty elegance . 😊

how to combine yellow bag

How to Combine the Yellow Bag?

Since yellow is a product that gives energy and positivity, it is always among the hit colors. It expresses the person most accurately when used correctly. The main thing we should pay attention to for the yellow color is to combine it with dark colors, not with light colors. At the same time, we can combine it with all the neon colors that are in fashion this year. For example, with a fuchsia combination, we can prepare a sweet and cheerful combination in harmony with the model of the bag and the dress. Gray and yellow are one of the colors used in all seasons. It is one of the most cheerful colors that we will support with accessories. You can examine the bag of the Marie Claire brand, which is the most beautiful shade of yellow .
how to combine burgundy and purple bags

How to Combine Burgundy and Purple Bags?

Purple and burgundy are also known as the color of the rich in history, reminding us of luxury.
The most important factor that we should consider when combining a burgundy bag is color harmony. Contrast or contrasting colors. We can add a heavy and elegant look to burgundy in contrasting colors with cream, beige, white black, yellow or baby blue. The harmony of purple and white adds a heavy atmosphere to the person. It is known that its name also comes from morale. For example; A purple bag that we will use with completely white or beige gives us a heavy look. We recommend you to take a look at the Carmen burgundy shoulder bag :)

How to Combine Gold and Silver Color Bags?

We can say that the gold and silver bag is another language of looking fully dressed in an accessory. The so-called timeless concept applies to the color silver . While the silver color can be combined with both exaggeration and sports, it can give us a sweet expression when used with pastel pink and baby blue, which is the fashion color of this year. When using it with white or black, we must be careful that our clothes are not completely black or white, otherwise the bag may give us a safe look. It would be wisest to combine the gold-colored bag with completely black ones. While it will look stylish when used well, a small excess of color can make us confused and overdone. You can examine the models and colors of the Marie Claire brand.

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