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How to Choose Clothing According to Body Type?

Every woman has different and unique physical features. Dressing knowing your body type will always give us an advantage. The most important feature of an efficient shopping is knowing the body proportion and choosing the right clothes. Every intervention made to the right points in the selection of clothes can make you look different and beautiful. Knowing the parts of your body that you like and dislike, and emphasizing these points will make you feel better.

How should women with a pear-shaped body dress?

It is one of the most common body types. The upper parts of women with this body; chest and shoulders narrow small, lower parts; hips and legs are wide. Padded jackets, pleated, patterned and colorful clothes can be chosen that will make your upper parts look more voluminous. The use of large accessories will also help to keep your bottom proportional by showing your upper part wider.

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For your lower part, pointy toe shoes that will make your legs look longer can be preferred. Since mobile clothes will make the legs and hips appear wider, it will be more appropriate to use plain, thin fabrics and belts. In addition to clothing, the use of bags is also very important. Bags with stones and sequins that do not go below the waist can be used. Messenger bags that end on the hips should be avoided as they will make your lower region look larger.

How Should Women with Hourglass Body Type Dress?

Knowing your body and dressing according to your body shape is the first rule of stylish women. It is extremely important for women with hourglass body lines to choose clothes that will accentuate their body. It would be appropriate for women in this portable, which has a thin waist, to choose high-waisted trousers. For this reason, our most important accessory should be the belt that reveals our thin waist. If you are uncomfortable with the size of your hips, more oversized, long blouses can be preferred.

Women with this body type are among the lucky ones. Because they can wear almost anything with peace of mind. 😊 More narrow, sticky products should be preferred. Wide, loose tops and loose trousers should not be preferred as they will make your body look much larger when it is. In short, instead of hiding the body, it is necessary to highlight it.

They are very lucky in choosing bags as well as in choosing clothes. Because they can use all kinds of model bags and accessories. Our only suggestion may be that they do not use bags at the waist level in order not to cover their thin waists.

How Should Women with Rectangular Body Type Dress?

If you know your body type; It is possible to show your body in a more form with the right fabric and the right color. A rectangular body is equal upper and lower body. If you have such a body type, the most effective thing to reveal your waist; it is a corset. Corset clothes will make your body look more curved. The use of belts is not recommended. Bags, which are another accessory, can also prefer large bags . By using waist bags, they can make the waist look more curved.

How Should Women with Inverted Triangle Body Type Dress?

In order to look beautiful, it is not enough just to dress well, we also need to know our body shape. Women with an inverted triangle body type; They have broad shoulders, thin legs and a normal waist structure.

Our priority should be to close the gap between the upper body and the lower body. Pleated skirts, patterned and colorful clothes can be chosen to reflect the volume of the top to the bottom. With pointed toe shoes, the leg length will look long and curved. Since the waist is thin, it will be appropriate to use a bag just below the waist, not at waist level. Medium-sized bags should be preferred to keep the anatomy in balance.

How Should Women with Apple Body Type Dress?

Women with this body type have wider hips and smaller breasts. The upper legs are wider while the lower legs are weak. Although the upper parts look wide, the sleeves are thin.

Women with this body type may prefer dresses that will leave their lower legs exposed because their lower legs are weak. Since the shoulders will be wide, strapless blouses are also among the preferences.

Accessories that are bought only because they are trendy should not be preferred, handbags that are suitable for your body and proportion should be chosen.

How should women with wide hips dress?

While some women are satisfied with their hips, some are uncomfortable with this situation. First of all, we need to answer whether we are satisfied with our wide hips or not. There is no limit in our upper body. We can use any kind of frilly, colorful clothes we want. If we are uncomfortable with our hips, long blouses that cover the hips should be preferred. It is very suitable to use medium and high waist trousers instead of low waist trousers.

We can give a magical answer to the question of what kind of bag should women with wide hips use. 😊 It is very convenient to use short strap bags by pulling the perception from the hips and hips. Neither too big nor small bags should be preferred. Since very large patterned bags will make you look wider, small patterns should be preferred in the bag.

How Should Wide Shouldered Women Dress?

Choosing clothes suitable for body type always saves lives. Women with broad shoulders should stay away from tight clothing for their upper parts as much as possible. Black and flowy blouses can make your broad shoulders look more elegant. You should stay away from padded jackets and blouses. Clothing with vertical stripes instead of horizontal stripes can help show your upper area more delicate. It may be a better choice to use a small messenger/crossbody bag instead of a shoulder bag. Finally, choosing a dark color in your upper area and a light color in your lower area will make you look more stylish. 😊

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